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Harmony Row (1971)



Track List

  1. Can You Follow? (RM 202K)
  2. Escape to the Royal Wood
    (On Ice)
  3. You Burned the Tables on Me
  4. There's a Forest
  5. Morning Story (RM 90K)
  6. Folk Song (RM 85K)
  7. Smiles and Grins
  8. Post War
  9. A Letter of Thanks
  10. Victoria Sage (RM 217K)
  11. The Consul at Sunset
  12. * Green Hills (Can You
    Follow) (Instrumental)
  13. * You Burned the Tables on Me (alternate version)
  14. * There's a Forest (first take)
  15. * Escape to the Royal Wood (On Ice) (Instrumental)
  16. * Can You Follow (Take One)

* Available on the Universal Records 2003 CD  re-release



Jack & kids on HR where he spent part of his childhood
















"Harmony Row" was a street of slums, now demolished, close to where Jack spent part of his childhood.  The building pictured was famous for being the longest unbroken tenement in Europe, at just over one mile long.

The Consul at Sunset








Jack Bruce: Vocals, bass, piano, organ, cellos

Chris Spedding: Guitars

John Marshall: Percussion

Music by Jack Bruce.  Words by Pete Brown.

Produced by Jack Bruce.

Recorded January 1971 at Command Studios, London.  Engineered by Barry Ainsworth.