Thanks to Graeme Pattingale for allowing the display of Cream snaps from his excellent web page, Those Were The Days.

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A Very Young JB

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Heavy Cream

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Live Cream

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In the Park

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Jack, c.1970

c3.jpg (6971 bytes)

All Blues

3b&wfav.jpg (59686 bytes)

3 Wheels of Fire

3colscowl.jpg (35254 bytes)

Are you looking at me?

3earlydinos.jpg (24034 bytes)

Early Cream

3inforestsmall.jpg (24561 bytes)

There's a Forest

66or67.jpg (27484 bytes)

Early Live Cream

Earlycol.jpg (27378 bytes)

Lean On Me

Hearse.jpg (18693 bytes)

With a Hearse

jb67.jpg (10539 bytes)

JB '67

parkseat.jpg (23067 bytes)

In the Park

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smothers.jpg (30042 bytes)

"Live" on the Smothers Brothers Show

Topofpopscol.jpg (22223 bytes)

Top of the Pops

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c6.jpg (12615 bytes)

Farewell Concert

c8.jpg (19571 bytes)

Royal Albert Hall

petebrown.jpg (5335 bytes)

Pete Brown, c.1968

eric_.jpg (192803 bytes)

Eric at the Cafe Au Go Go, NYC 1967

ginger1.jpg (426502 bytes)

Ginger On Stage

ginger2.jpg (238924 bytes)

More Ginger

ginger_panel.jpg (134954 bytes)

Still more Ginger

jack_studio.jpg (250919 bytes)

Jack in the Studio

eric_studio.jpg (221744 bytes)

Eric in the Studio

ginger_studio.jpg (139475 bytes)

Ginger in the Studio

pure_cream.jpg (187019 bytes)

Atlantic Records Cream ad from 1967