Jack Bruce Survives Liver Transplant:
19 September 2003

Jack Bounces Back!

Dear Friends,

Jack Bruce recently underwent a successful liver transplant.  Jack was diagnosed with liver cancer in the early summer of 2003.  Below are press releases from Jack's family and from Sanctuary Records.

Jack is thankful for the continued support of his fans, friends, and family. Please join us in sending Jack your get-well wishes.  JackBruce.com have set up a special, separate Get-Well Guestbook for that purpose.   Please use this guestbook in lieu of our regular Guestbook.


Derek Araujo

From the Bruce Family:

"After Jack was diagnosed with liver cancer earlier this summer, we went through a very difficult period of uncertainty, not knowing whether it would be life threatening. Jack spent 3 weeks on and off in hospital for examinations.  When we were told Jack could have a liver transplant, then we knew that there was real hope and we were overjoyed! Jack had his successful transplant on 19th September 2003 and after being  critically ill for a period in which we almost lost him, Jack is now making a successful recovery. The whole family is very relieved, that Jack will be with us for many years and obviously we are looking forward to more new songs, concerts and records to come! I am sure that our friends and fans all over the world will feel the same as the Bruce Family.

We hope you will enjoy and celebrate the new album "More Jack Than God" which was released by Sanctuary Records worldwide almost on the day of Jack’s transplant. The pictures in the album booklet could well have been the last pictures of Jack.  He has proved us wrong, after all, he is a strong Scotsman!

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the staff at
Addenbrookes Hospital in Cambridge for the dedication and expertise they have shown."

The Bruce Family

From Joe Cokell, CEO Sanctuary Records Group:

"Jack Bruce, apart from being one of the finest & talented artists in the Sanctuary family, has also shown through the past couple of months his inner strength and determination in fighting off this very serious illness. We look forward to his complete recovery and a full and active return to the musical world that he has been part of for more than 4 decades. Jack's new album 'More Jack Than God' released in September has received glowing reviews and it is testament to Jack's creative talent that he is producing work of such stature here and now."


For further information, please contact:


Eddy Leviten     Sanctuary                 +44 (0)20 7300 6542 eddy.leviten@sanctuarygroup.com