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More Jack Than God (2003)



Track List

  1. So They Invented Race (Bruce/Hanrahan)
  2. Follow The Fire (Bruce/Brown)
  3. Kelly's Blues (Bruce/Brown)
  4. We're Going Wrong  (Bruce)
  5. Bizniz  (Bruce/Brown)
  6. Progress  (Bruce/Brown)
  7. I Feel Free  (Bruce/Brown)
  8. Ricin (Daylight Gathering)  (Bruce/Hanrahan)
  9. The Night That Once Was
    Mine  (Bruce/Brown)
  10. Milonga Too  (Bruce/Hanrahan)
  11. Cold Island  (Bruce/Brown)
  12. Uh, Oh  (Bruce/Hanrahan)
  13. Politician  (Bruce/Brown)
  14. Lost In The City (Jam Mix)  (Bruce/Hanrahan)


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Bars for Bizarre Guitar Men

Contrary to suspicion, the album title is not a dig at former Cream bandmate Eric Clapton.  During final sound mixing, Kip Hanrahan suggested that the balance should feature "more Jack than God-", referring to featured lead guitarist Godfrey Townsend.  Jack immediately responded: "We have the title".

An Interview with Jack Bruce about More Jack Than God

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Jack Bruce:  
Vocals, piano, bass, acoustic guitar

With Robby Ameen (drums), "El Negro" Horacio Hernandez (drums), Richie Flores (congas), Malcolm Bruce (guitar, piano), Vernon Reid (guitar), Godfrey Townsend (guitar), and Bernie Worrell (Hammond organ)

Music composed and arranged
by Jack Bruce

by Kip Hanrahan and Jack Bruce

Engineered by Jon Fausty and Dick Kondas

Mixed by Jon Fausty.  Assisted by Jeff Hoffman

Recorded 2002 - 2003 at Sorcerer Sound, RPM Studios New York City and Park Gate Studio Battle, England

Mastered by Greg Calbi at Sterling Sound New York

Executive Producer: Margrit Seyffer

Photography: Michele Turriani

Art Direction: Bill Smith

Released by Sanctuary Records.